Public Speaking Coaching And Consultation


Perhaps you’ve ordered vows from us but still need some practice getting your delivery down. Or perhaps you’ve written your own vows or speech, but want to make sure you’re going down the right path. Set yourself up for success with our consulting package!


– A 30-minute phone conversation or Skype session* with a member of Team XO Juliet to coach you on delivery, when to pause for laughter/crying/effect, etc.

– Suggestions on improving grammar, sentiment, tone, etc. as necessary

– Extensive opportunities to practice and be coached throughout the duration of the consultation

– A supportive sounding board to ensure that you succeed when it comes time to deliver “the real thing!”

* Phone conversation is optional. If client would prefer to communicate exclusively via email that is suitable as well, but no partial refunds will be offered to clients who order this package but decide not to have a phone conversation.


Giving “something borrowed” a whole new meaning.

xo Juliet



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